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  • Is there a beginner’s class?

    • No. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are all mixed in the same class. We find that students learn better this way.
    • Experienced students are encouraged to help newer students, which in turn helps them to learn the technique. They learn the ‘physical’ part of the technique themselves, then the ‘mental’ part of the technique when they help others, by understanding and passing on the principles and biomechanics – the reasons why the technique actually works.
    • This also means that techniques can be passed on by students, to their loved ones. Which can only be a good thing.
    • Also, this means that people eager to learn the system are not waiting for beginners classes to fill up and become available.
  • What can I expect of my first class

    • A welcoming and friendly class atmosphere. All egos are left at the door.
    • Non-regimental warm-ups and cardio work.
    • Clear instruction on simple, easy to learn, yet devastatingly effective self defence techniques that work from day one.
    • A chance to hit the pads and release some of the stresses of everyday life.
    • *Pressure testing. The heart of reality-based self defence. A chance to put what you have learned into practice.

    • *Please note:
      Students are encouraged to make the training experience as realistic as possible. The emphasis is on swearing, aggression and threatening behaviour.

      This is to prepare students for the reality of an explosive verbal assault in a street situation, which can cause adrenaline dump, seriously affecting the body’s ability to perform any kind of self defence techniques successfully.

      We train as real as possible (without racist, homophobic or personal comments), while avoiding injury, to get the mind and body used to just about any kind of situation that might arise.

      We make no apologies for this approach, as this is one of the factors that sets apart reality-based self defence from traditional self defence and martial arts classes.

      To progress and evolve, you must be taken out of your comfort zone.

      Please attend class with an open mind and do not be offended. Because on the streets, attackers do not say please and thank you!

  • When and where are the classes

      London Bridge, every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Charles Dickens Primary School, Toulmin Street, London, SE1 1AF

Demonstration videos
Check out the videos below for examples of what you can learn