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Presenting Realistic Self Defence and Krav Maga
Classes For The Streets in Bromley and Sevenaoks

Discover how to install elite military grade combat skills to defend yourself and yours. Know what to do in a real world situation with no holds barred scenario training. Become dangerous. Build a fast, lean and strong combat ready body. Join a small but hyper elite community of dangerous people ready to step up and unleash hell should the need arise.

If you're looking for a self defence class to prepare for the realities of extreme violence today...

...and you want to build the kind of fight fitness that makes you durable, keeps you active and harder to kill...

...then here's how ordinary citizens, prison offivers and law enforcement units have done it by coming to my class.

Back in the day about 2 years ago a new (and now a private and still training student) Shane joined my class.

When he first started, he was all quiet. I wasn't sure if he was going to stick around.

He was training the class on a Thursday and then after a bit he started training with me one to one on a Sunday.

When he was training at the classes he was training with two of my seniors, Scott and Colin.

The progress he made he made in a month was some next level shism.

You could literally, no world of lie, see his back straighten, because he had so much confidence.

It's like he had a chiropractor smash his back and then stick steel rod up his arse, right up his back. It was that straight.

You could literally see that.

He wasn't the first person for it to happen. But he was the first person, who I didn't know before he joined.

Looking back in it, here's why I think Shane did so well because:

1. Me. Obviously. Had to get that in. If you decide train with me at any level, you're bad.

2. He had that good attitude. I can't really explain it. But if you know, you know.

3. He had 2 of my best high grade guys helping who real about their training. They were able to feed back and accelerate his progress.

Scott and Colin kept his training real. When they trained they put on proper resistance.

Didn't mess about. They were just bang on it.

Testing headlocks? They put that on tight.

Wanted to know if a ground fighting worked? They grappled and fought.

Scenario testing? Gum shield, groin on and they went to war. Tested it out.

He's just desensitised now. One of the few people who I'll clash shins to condition those bones.

His ability to assimilate the high grade skills quickly when surrounded by like minded people was the ultimate key to learning rapidly in half the time.

It's what I specialise in.

Giving you elite, high grade unarmed skills to defend yourself, protect your loved ones, getting you fight fit and turbocharge your confidence. Fast.

Here's a taste of what awaits inside my training lair:

  • Synthetic allies - how to use clothing to choke, tear and rip your way out of trouble.
  • Bleed reality - a sneaky way "re-train" your brain to turn the fear of a critical situation into a positive and how to switch the "blackbox" to turn on cold, black, focuse clinical aggression by using true scenario training.
  • See it, hit it - how to supercharge your reflexes and train to fight you natural bodies reaction of tunnel vision with this 3 man pad drill.
  • Neckbreakers - how to take out bigger, taller, stronger enemies by using a leveraged methods to destroy necks and a fight fast.
  • The art of proximecs - how to guage the distance for you to take the first shot. Plus the bouncers way to use the your hands like a sensory antenna to spot trouble before it starts. Useful for the streets and the boardroom.
  • Submission grappling - the Brazilian street fighting way on how to fight on the ground, save your life, boost your cardio and flexibility without being boring.
  • Fight! - The missing link to jet power your confidence to another level. Conquer your fears by taking part in intense 30 seconds fight rounds. Know what it feels like to take a punch, give one and dig deep to prevail under intense pressure.
  • Asymetric warfare - the principle used in the military which turns the tables of "self defence" into "self protection", crushes your feelings of unease and puts the power back into your hands.

I'll be real with you.

If you're looking for a self defence or martial arts class with belts, uniforms, dojos and you're easily offended by profanity and simulation of extreme violence then this class just isn't for you.


If you're looking for gritty, realistic form of self defence training, equipping you with real practical skills to deal with a nasty situation as soon you walk out of the door...

..and this fills you with a mild sense of curiosity then you should click the insidious blue box and join the waiting list. When spaces open up again I'll be in touch.

Talk soon


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