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Presenting Self-Defence and Krav Maga
Classes In London Bridge

Discover what most self-defence classes don't teach you, how to not be a helpless victim and level up your life


Hi there, I'm Sid and welcome to Alpha Urban Krav Maga.

If you’re a beginner looking for a Krav Maga or self-defence class because of the violence and carnage that seems to be the norm these days...

....or you’re looking for a martial art which applies to real life situations without the rules of the ring...

...and you want to learn something new which will give you the keys to true confidence, boost your fitness and may one day save your life or that of a someone you care about...

...then my class might be for you.

If you came here looking for self-defence class then check out what Krav Maga is here

Here's what awaits inside my class:

  • Arm yourself with the knowledge on how to defend against the 10 most common attacks you'll come up against. Whether in the pub, chippie, library or tube learn what to do when the dung hits the fan without needing size or strength.
  • Think you should punch with your fists? Wrong. It's the very reason why Boxing and MMA stars wear gloves. If you think it's because it's to protect their opponents, again you’d be wrong. I’ll tell and demonstrate it you in your first class.
  • Why you should land the first blow. If you think you should "wait" to be attacked this simply nonsense. If you have good reason to believe someone is going to attack you, take them out first. The law is on your side. It says that if you believe your life is in danger you're entitled to take action. It's why the best in the business call it "self protection" not self-defence. Learn how to read the signs and take action first.
  • How to use the principle of "leverage" to turn the tables on larger and stronger guys. Always assume the guy is bigger, stronger, on crack, spice or booze. Discover methods which don’t rely on brute strength for the techniques to be effective.
  • Military grade techniques adapted for the streets. With it's roots going all the way back to the Israeli defence forces, the techniques have been refined and adapted for the streets with one purpose. To cause maximum damage in minimum time.
  • 3 ways to viciously bring down a taller guy and even the odds. And no, it's not a kick to the nut sack. There are easier vulnerabilities in the body you can exploit.
  • Non-lethal techniques for the office party for when you need to put down Phillip from HR. Nicely.
  • 2 most common mistakes made in the UFC while applying an armbar and defending a choke. How to avoid them by using "the good girl and look into him" principle. It's why some of the best in business no longer watch the UFC so they don't pick up bad habits.
  • Ground fighting techniques taken from Vale Tudo and 4 times World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Leo Negao. Former grappling coach to UFC super stars Anderson Silva and sparring partners to Vitor Belfort and Antoñio "Minotauro" Nogueira, it’s safe to say the big man knows what he’s doing. While you don't want to spend time fighting on the ground (hint, you want to get up as quickly as possible) you need a plan B. The stuff I teach is banned in competition but perfect for the streets.
  • 1 go to technique which has been described by Leo Negao "one every martial artists should have in his arsenal." It's the one technique you can use when you have no other choice. Be careful though, it's devastating as illustrated by one of my students of used it recently.
  • The secret power of your thumbs. In ancient Roman times the thumbs were used as a symbol to decide the fate of a gladiator to live or die. While that's no longer that dramatic its it sill doesn't hide the fact the case the thumbs are incredibly powerful. Put together they can form the world's strongest grip. Just as useful for holding on in the train as applying a choke
  • Role playing. Not just for the bedroom mate. Harness the power of replaying real life scenarios. This is the situation. What is the solution? More importantly, does it work? Test it and find out if the methods you’re taught stand up. It adds a layer of gritty realism to your training. Plus with the right training partners you’ll learn fast.
  • What traditional martial arts can teach you plus how to fight in a collision of fighting systems including Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Muay Thai, Karate, Vale Tudo, and MMA. Combine strikes, chokes and takedowns into devastating fighting techniques which even the odds against a larger guy. If you’ve ever done a martial arts either as a kid or an adult and wondered where it all fits then this is it. Martial art principles have been around since we started killing each other. These principles and their applications have been misinterpreted over the years. But applied correctly they transform the stuff taught into “burn the scroll” methods of destruction.
  • How to defend against the knife attacks like the horrifying attacks which happened in Borough Market. While there is no fool proof way to deal with a bladed enemy I think you'd agree that it's better you knew something which might give the chance to protect yourself, your family or those around you?
  • How to defend against knife threats. Again as above while there's no fool proof way to defend against a knife threat. And while the standard advice is give up your stuff, if the guy wants something more or take you to another location, your best bet is to fight and do something. Because statistics show it won't be end well for you if get taken somewhere else.
  • 4 kicks that are practical for the streets and how to combine them into a hale storm of destruction. This includes my favourite, the flying stomp kick. Done correctly it multiples the force of a normal kick by using a plyometric "hop."
  • How to build mental toughness by taking part in a pressure test. You can read all about what a pressure test in the FAQs. By making it a part of your regular training, you'll build your mental toughness, supercharge your will to live and enhance your cardio. It will also cross over to other parts of your life. Training in this short intense way you'll learn more about yourself and what you're made off than any long boring workout.
  • Supercharge your energy levels by hitting the pads to release the stresses of everyday life and release aggression. Plus boost your fitness at the same time.

I'll be honest with you here big man.

You’ll train as close to reality as possible while avoiding injury. To get your mind and body used to any kind of situation that might arise.

Swearing (as long as its not homophobic, racist or personal) shouting and aggression is encouraged.

Because when it kicks off and the "adrenaline dump" kicks in, your ability to pull off any "technique" becomes harder than getting a GCSE in Japanese.

This is one of the factors that sets Krav Maga apart from traditional self-defence or martial arts classes.

To progress and evolve, you must be taken out of your comfort zone.

So attend class with an open mind because on the streets, bad people don’t say please and thank you.

You can check out the all the memberships and FAQS by clicking the links.

The class is located a 7 minute walk from London Bridge or couple minutes from Borough. Find the location and times here.

Class finishes starts nice at 6:30 pm. So plenty of time for a cheeky pint after.

So ready to take the red pill and tumble down the rabbit hole?

Then click here to get your free class.

Or here to contact me for private lessons in Biggin Hill, Bromley and Croydon.

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Demonstration videos
Check out the videos below for examples of what you can learn