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Self Defence and Krav Maga Private Lessons
In Bromley, Sevenoaks, Croydon and London Bridge

Discover how to defend yourself in a critical situation, protect your family from one, save someone else's life, crush bad people, smash stress, vanquish your fears, build omega tough fitness and enhance your confidence rapidly in your own space and time.


Hey I'm Sid and if you're looking for self defence system which:

Is practical, for the streets and focuses on defending yourself or a loved one in a real life situation.

Will crush those feelings of uneasiness you feel against the dark, sinister, inescapable violence which seems to be around the corner these days.

Will boost your confidence against the current backdrop of rising levels of knife crime, gangs with machetes on the high street, shootings and stabbings.

Can keep you active and enhance your fitness using exercises that aren't boring.

And you prefer working one on one or in a small group rather than with a load people in a gym in your time...

...then here's how serving police officers, prison officers, bouncers and ordinary good citizens have done it using what I've taught them.

The following is a true story of my mate Andy who did the intensive course for 4 months (40 hours and the rest).

I've changed the names and left out the prison name. For privacy, you understand.

So a while back (just when I'd stared) my mate Andy did 40 hours of training with me.


Because he'd just passed his assessment to become a prison officer.

He'd been bored of his job working in an office. And he wanted to do something more with his life.

Somewhere he could make a real difference.

But he had one problem.

Even though he had a reasonable level of fitness, he ain't had a fight since year 10 at Catherine's Secondary school.

Plus he was going to a category A prison.

This wasn't prison where you got sent to for vandalism or stealing from the pound shop.

You got sent here if you stabbed someone and cut them up like a string vest. Or joined an ISIS death camp and you got caught trying to blow up parliament. Or you just woke up one day and decided to burn someone. Alive.

So Andy came to me because he wanted to be prepared. He had no choice.

He never liked doing things the easy way did Andy.

For 4 months (40 hours and then some) he trained his body and mind to his maximum capabilities.

Some of the stuff I did with him included:

  • Submission grappling - how to fight on the ground if you ever get taken down.
  • Sparring - to get used to getting hit in the face, so if you ever got punched for real you'd know how to react.
  • Control and restraint - how to subdue, and tie up a violent, uncooperate guy. Safely.
  • Flight pilot simulator drills - how to prepare for a real life scenario, using role playing and simulated violence.
  • Body language cues - how to spot trouble it started and if you couldn't talk your way out, how to take action first.
  • MMA condtioning drills - short, sharp fitness drills. So no spending ages on a treadmill. It get's you ready to be "fight fit." Giving you strength and cardio to fight your way out of a real situation.

To say he used my training would be an understatement.

From lockdowns, riots, group attacks, hostage situations, control and restraining or when it kicked off randomly between a group prisoners, he used what he'd trained with me.

7 day's a week at one point.

It was stressful job.

And throughout this time when he was under intense pressure, he never once broke the law.

Because the quality of his training I gave him the ability to work under intense fight stress.

And then the funding cuts came in.

Andy managed to stick at it longer than most of the guys he was working with. Even being put forward for the tornado (prison riot) sqaud at one point.

But sensing an opportunity to quit on a high, he used what he'd learned and the positivity he'd got from training regularly...

...to start something new and channel his energy into a new business.

Anyways, similar to Andy, here's what awaits you inside my training lair:

  • How to defend against the 10 most common attacks on the street. No kata's or taking ages in the dojo. You get straight to it. I'll show you how to defend against chokes, grabs, knife, threats and attacks straight away.
  • Why you shouldn’t use your fists on the street. In the first session I'll show you why using your palms is better. Plus how you can generate concussive KO impact from just a slap. Used recently by a student of mine, he didn't even get into trouble by the law. I'll explain why in your first lesson.
  • How to mould a blue print of techniques to your physique. In the past if you'd come to a class you'd have seen a snapshot of a scenario. With the private lessons you get a whole personal plan based around just your attributes.
  • 2 most common mistakes made in the UFC while applying an armbar and defending a choke. How to avoid them by using "the good girl and look into him" principle. It's why some of the best in business no longer watch the UFC so they don't pick up bad habits.
  • MMA pad drills to supercharge your hand eye co-ordination and generate KO power at blistering speeds.
  • Why what I teach is commonly referred to as "combat on steroids sports for the streets." Back in the day my co-chief instructor in street matches called Vale Tudo. Translated as anything goes in Portuguese, it was the original MMA from which the UFC eventually formed from. It includes techniques which are now banned in most competitions but perfect for the streets. Techniques such as neck cranks, go on too quickly and cause extreme damage to the neck and spine area.
  • How to defend against the most common knife threats, attacks, bats and guns. For when you can't run away or when horrifying attacks like the London Bridge terrorist attacks happen and you have no choice.
  • The little talked about way to develop a confident body language profile. Taken from The definite book of body language by Allan and Barbara Pease it's an essential skill you can practice, which makes it less likely to get picked on.
  • The myth of self-defence. You might think starting at knowing what to do if someone starts grabbing or punching you is where you start. In fact the opposite is true. You are well within your right in the eyes of the law to take action first if you feel your life is danger. To do this you need to start with a basic levels of awareness. To cultivate the habit of being able to spot a potential before it gets out of hand and take action first. The day one awareness course will give you this. It will refine your awareness to new heights like Spiderman having that tingling sense. All delivered in a simple way a child can understand it. In fact it's taught to children to raise their awareness. I call it the red car game.
  • How to use your hands in a conversational manner which forms a subconscious barrier. An old trick used by doormen in the late 80s and 90s, it's a way to use your hands to protect space and give you time to escape or take action first.
  • How to become mentally faster. The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act. Taking this model you can take body’s natural reactions and use it in your favour to become faster. A dude named Colonel John Boyd (who was a military strategist and United States Air Force) did the research and there's over 18 hours of it on YouTube. But it only boils down to this one thing. Find out what it is make you faster than the other guy.
  • How to see through the eyes of the bad guy. By understanding how criminals and bad guys work you can know what they look for, how to avoid being their next meal and what do to should you find yourself in that situation. By knowing how bad people act and operate you'll know what to look out for, how to act in manner which repels them, and what to watch out for to avoid being picked and puts off bad guys and raises your awareness to not put yourself in a bad situation. This drill is shockingly simple and it's one I only teach in exclusively in my private lessons.
  • The one area where a knife is carried. With the rise in knife crime, with knife crime on the rise wouldn't it best if could see if a knife is being carried or know of its being carried. 3 common body language signal that a knife is being carried. Learn how to spot the signs and take action *before* it's out in play. The best option be to spot it a potential knife threat before it becomes a problem and either avoid it or take action beforehand or avoid it altogether.
  • How to deal with multiple attackers using the "eclipse effect."
  • The most sensitive parts in the face you can manipulate without needing strength. This is original Israeli Krav Maga "head twist" which can both be used offensively or just to control and restrain the guy.
  • Takedowns. One of the most devastating weapons in your arsenal. The bone crunching, concussive takedown. Great against a taller, stronger guy, it takes the legs off the the bad guy. Plus if train at mine, I have a crash mat. So unlike the classes you can go full on to generate maximum force with minimum effort and see what it feels like.
  • 1 tool for 4 different jobs principle. When you're first starting out it can be difficult to remember everything. It's why as much as possible I try to group techniques that can be used for a variety scenarios. For example I teach one technique which can be used for a single, double handed grab, a choke and a defence against grab and punch. 1 tool for 4 different jobs. So when if ever need to use it, you can pull it off easily under pressure.
  • Stand-up fighting. What to do if someone wants to fight you. You never want to be in match fight like in the ring. You want to ends things as quickly as possible. It's why our stand up fighting techniques are designed to cause maximum damage, fast. So you can get away after.
  • How to use improvised weapons and weapons of opportunity. This is the cherry on top. The final module. Without the preceding skills sets this skillet isn't effective. Which is why it's the last things you'll learn. Here's a brief breakdown:
  • How to turn everyday objects into weapons of opportunity. Legally.
  • How to use this method taken from Filipino martial arts to make any blunt edge object into a devastating weapon. It's not complicated. There's only 3 movements but it's devastatingly effective.
  • Smash stress with a sledgehammer. Literally. You get to batter the focus pads, crunch wicked knees and sinister elbows into thai pads, crash vicious kicks into a heavy bag and yes smash tyres with a sledgehammer. By taking out the frustrations on the world you feel better about yourself. And even though I'm not a therapist a lot of people say it's like therapy. And of course it makes doing exercise not boring.
  • Use an explosive combination of tyre flips, sledgehammers, kettlebells and battle ropes to get yourself fit, fast and lean. Set in the idyllic setting of Biggin Hill and lovingly referred to as the "pit" my private training space will get you in the best shape of your life without spending ages. And everything I teach is geared towards being a "combat athlete” combined with the hardcore unarmed skills to go with it so you never walk in fear again. Ever.
  • ...and more.


This isn’t place where you’ll be getting grading and belts. I have nothing against them and certainly there’s a place for them.

But what I teach was designed with one purpose.

To give you hyper elite, unarmed, practical self defence skills…

...to make you prepared to deal with the unpleasant, dangerous and potentially life altering situations you might find yourself in.

Along the way you’ll get strong, lean, tough and fight fit.

To get your mind and body used to any kind of situation that might arise, you’ll train as close to reality as possible while avoiding injury.

Swearing (as long as it’s not homophobic, racist or personal) shouting and aggression is encouraged.

With random nutters about these days who have no moral consciousness or consequences to their actions there's a need now more than ever for ordinary (good) people like yourself to arm yourself with the high grade self defence skills to defend yourself.

And not just have these skills. But to pass them onto other good people.

Giving them the power to defend and protect themselves.

And while you'll never start a fight, you want to be prepared should you need to defend yourself from one.

If you've read this far, then it means that you sincerely *want* to be prepared.

Reasonably. Realistically. Responsibly.

The skills you'll gain, your change in perspective in how you look at the world, and ultimately your achievements is more meaningful than a belt to hold your pants up.

Am I right?

The investment for all this:

1 person £60 per hour

2 people £55 per person

3 people £50 per person

4 people £45 per person

Intensive course. 40 hours of private lessons plus 12 months of free classes is £2,400 (you can break the payments up and you can be share it with 2 other people)

So what you waiting for?

Click the blue box below and let's do this.

Speak soon


PS AS a bonus I'll send you my *free* guide The Myth of Self Defence and Why You Should Throw The First Shot."

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